The Republic of Macedonia being a serious and active member of the international community, committed and contributing to the world peace and prosperity, our mission is to promote the country as a modern and stable democracy in the heart of Europe, and to advance and protect the country's and the interests of Macedonian nationals..

The Ministry (competences of the MFA)

(Article 8 of the Law on Foreign Affairs)

  • Shall undertake activities for the determination and demarcation of the state border, shall maintain and renew the border marks and shall participate in the resolution of border incidents;
  • Shall propose and implement the visa policy and the visa regime of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Shall manage the Visa Center and the Visa Information Center that ensures links among all segments in the implementation of the visa regime of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Shall communicate and coordinate the cooperation with foreign diplomatic and consular missions and with missions of international organizations in the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Shall manage the accreditation procedure and the procedure regarding the letters of credence of foreign Ambassadors, the procedure for recognition of privileges and immunities of foreign diplomatic missions and missions of international organizations in accordance with international law;
  • Shall propose, design and manage the procedure for appointment and recall of heads of diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Shall manage the procedure for rental, purchase, construction and maintenance of immovable priority in other countries for the needs of diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Shall collect and archive domestic and foreign documentation in the foreign policy area and in respect of international relations of the Republic of Macedonia and shall keep the Diplomatic Archives of the MFA;
  • Shall inform the President about major issues in the pursuance of the foreign policy of the country and shall present opinions and proposals with respect to foreign policy issues within the President's competences, including security and defense aspects, which derive under international relations;
  • Shall participate in the preparation and application of documents and initiatives of the President, in accordance with the MFA's competences;
  • Shall cooperate with citizens' associations and with scientific and professional institutions;
  • Shall coordinate the pursuance of political positions on the participation in international peace and security maintenance operations, in cooperation with the competent ministries; and
  • Shall perform other activities set forth by law.

Diplomatic Tradition

The roots of Macedonian diplomacy, in the wider sense of the word, stem from the early stages of the fight for national affirmation and statehood. Those activities, conducted by renowned Macedonian intellectuals living and working in capitals around the world, were aimed at presenting the truth about Macedonia to the international public.

By the Decisions of the Second Session of the Antifascist National Liberation Assembly of Macedonia, held in 1944, the Macedonian state was constituted as a federative part of the then Yugoslavia.

On 29 April 1969, by a Decree signed by the President of the Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, a new authority was established within the then Executive Council, named Bureau for Foreign Relations. In the following period, this authority was transformed, its name was changed and the area of its activity expanded and deepened. After the independence of 1991, this authority, under the name Secretariat for Foreign Relations, represented the basis for what is today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia. On this occasion, in 2007 29 April was proclaimed Day of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs at the Government of the Republic of Macedonia from the independence until today

  1. Denko Malevski 20.03.1991 - 09.02.1993
  2. Stevo Crvenkovski 09.02.1993 – 23.02.1996
  3. Ljubomor Frckovski 23.02.1996 – 29.05.1997
  4. Blagoja Handziski 29.05.1997 – 30.11.1998
  5. Aleksandar Dimitrov 30.11.1998 – 30.11.2000
  6. Srgjan Kerim 30.11.2000 – 13.05 2001
  7. Ilinka Mitreva 13.05.2001 – 30.11.2001
  8. Slobodan Casule 30.11.2001 – 01.11.2002
  9. Ilinka Mitreva 01.11.2002 – 26.08.2006
  10. Antonio Milososki 26.08.2006 – 28.07.2011
  11. Nikola Poposki 28.07.2011 –