The political directorate for bilateral relations with non-European countries covers most of the countries in the world and is composed of: Department for America, East Asia and Pacific, and Department for South Asia, Middle East and Africa. The directorate is in charge of establishment of foreign policy of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia in the domain of establishment, maintenance, and improvement of the bilateral political dialogue, as well as the overall diplomatic cooperation with the states in these regions regarding domains of priority of mutual interest. This includes improvement of the contractual conditions and visa regimes with certain countries.

Pursuant to the stipulated objectives of the foreign policy, Republic of North Macedonia has solid progress and marks excellent relations and intensive cooperation with a large number of the non-European countries, especially with USA, Russia, China and Japan. The traditional friendship and support of these countries is improved with active political and economic partnership and numerous initiatives, on both bilateral and multilateral level. The dynamic and development of the cooperation between Republic of Macedonia with USA, Canada and Australia is highly influenced by the role of the Macedonian immigrants.

Special attention is being paid to the enhancement of the relations with the countries from Asia, as well as the overall cooperation with the countries in the region of Latin America, on both bilateral and multilateral level. In that line, the opening of the first Macedonian diplomatic-consular mission to the region of South America is planned for near future.