Since 1st. January 2015 the citizens of Republic of Macedonia who are on a temporary stay in the United States of America, Canada, Republic of Austria and Republic of Serbia will be able to immediately acquire Ownership Right List through the diplomatic and consular offices of Republic of Macedonia in Detroit, Toronto, Wien and Belgrade.

What should you do?

Submit an application (can be found in one of the above-stated diplomatic and consular offices). The application should contain your personal data and the date for the real estate property for which you require an Ownership Right List: name of municipality, name of cadastral municipality, number of ownership right list, number of cadastral plot, number of building, number of entrance and number of separate part of the building (apartment, business premise, garage etc.).

To this application, one must attach document for personal identification and a document for citizenship status (Macedonian passport or an ID, with a valid deadline of expiration).

If the property is not owned by you, it is necessary to submit an original letter of attorney (if this letter of attorney is not submitted within a Notary Public in Republic of Macedonia, this document should be legalized).

Find more data in the part for legalization of documents >>

In case when the real estate is not owned by you and you do not posses letter of attorney, the issued Right Ownership List will not contain personal data (unique number of the citizen) for the owner of the property.


For the Right Ownership List one must:

  • Pay consular fee pursuant to the tariff numbers 131 and 132 of the Law on Administrative Fees in a total amount of 14 EUR (if the request is submitted within the embassies of Republic of Macedonia in Wien and Belgrade) respectively 17 EUR in the appropriate currency in the USA or Canadian dollars (if the request is submitted in the Consulate General of Republic of Macedonia in Detroit and Toronto)
  • Pay fee to the Real Estate Cadastral Agency in the total amount of 150.00 MK Denars for issuance of the Ownership Right List pursuant to the Tariff of the Real Estate Cadastral Agency as well as bank fee for the transaction.

The payment is performed exclusively with a payment card supported by Casys and other appropriate software


The Right Ownership List can be acquired exclusively in 1 (one) copy.