Diplomatic Diary

  • EU Member States and Candidate Countries Informal Foreign Ministerial in Athens:


    Our conversation has mainly been centred on the need for respecting international law. That is the ground that our country has always been familiar with. Hence, the issue is quite an easy one for us to answer. We have been guided by that principle of honouring international law at both our domestic stage and in our relations with all neighbouring countries. It has always been the underlining principle we have adhered to and applied in all our dealings. It is our hosts today who have been finding it hard to do the same. We stand prepared to offer them our assistance so that they would be able to start practicing what they have only theoretically been preaching to date. It is indeed our most sincere and honest desire to help them do that.

    Athens,5 April 2014 


    Nikola Poposki

  • ISAF Foreign Ministerial at NATO Headquarters:


    Macedonia has been consistent in honouring all its obligations aimed at ensuring peace in Afghanistan.


    Hence, it is only natural that we wish to become a constituent part of that broad family we have always been consistent in meeting all our obligations towards.

    Brussels, 2 April 2014 


    Nikola Poposki

  • Talks with the EC over Macedonia making logical progress towards EU membership:


    1. The first stage of the High-Level Accession Dialogue (HLAD) between the EC and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia led to tangible results on each chapter of the EU acquis (legislation has been adopted and solutions have been put forward).

    2. Under the new and upcoming HLAD cycle, we would like to particularly focus our efforts on implementing our strategy in the areas that are crucial for our EU accession, i.e. good-neighbourliness and the rule of law.


    Brussels, 20 March 2014                                    Nikola Poposki



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