Nikola Poposki

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia


Diplomatic Diary

  • In November, in Berlin with the German and British colleague Steinmeier and Hammond I will discuss our region. The meeting will be in line with the Berlin and Wien conference scheduled for the following year. Special emphasis will be placed on stimulating economies, cross-border infrastructure and Euro-integrations.

    To us, the German-British interest in the future of SEE is very important.

    Skopje, 15th October 2014

    Nikola Poposki

  • The Czech and Macedonian relations are on excellent level.

    We are mostly committed to develop the co-operation for business and investments, as well as in education, health and culture.

    At the same, the Czech Republic is a strong supporter of Macedonia’s integration into NATO and EU.

    The credibility of integrations is very important to them, and in Macedonia this issue is seriously violated due to the unprincipled blockades.

    Prague, 3rd October, 2014            

                                             Nikola Poposki

  • “It might be a bit absurd that in our case the law obviously does not dominate the adoption of political decisions for membership”.


    “The Bucharest Summit is a political reality. We cannot ignore the consequences of the decisions”.


    “The Decision adopted by ICJ in The Hague is a legal reality. It cannot be ignored, if we all together believe that rule of law is our main objective”.


    “3,200 Macedonian soldiers in mission that defend shared values – this is the reality”.


    “We should not neglect it if we want credible partnership and long-lasting peace”.

                                                                                                 Nikola Poposki



    4th September 2014

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